Multi Family Occupancy Rates: Occupancy rates can demonstrate a number of things such as great management, desirable location, well maintained, good marketing etc. Poor occupancy rates can demonstrate the exact opposite. So when looking at an occupancy rate we look to see the reason it is low or high. Sometimes a low occupancy rate can be a prime time to invest in a property. Once you acquire the property you can renovate and increase occupancy; often times, making it worth much more than you have invested in it.

Employment/Job Growth: A strong job market is a strong rental market. We look for areas that are not heavily dependent on one industry; knowing that in a recession those are the areas that usually have the highest unemployment rate.



TCI believes in an open book policy. We want you to have full access to any information pertaining to deals in which you are invested. We are always here to answers any questions you may have and will provide any information you need to feel good and secure about your investments.


TCI deeply operates from the CANEI (Constant And Never Ending Improvement) philosophy. We are always studying new markets, looking for new trends and applying cutting edge investments strategies ensuring you are getting the best deals available for your money.


The main philosophy of TCI is to provide people with the freedom to give and the freedom to live. We want people to be able to live life on their terms. Our decisions are ran through the lens of what will provide the most freedom and ROI for our investors.


TCI is a “Do what you say say what you do” company. When you are investing your hard earned money in a company you need to be able to trust them. We work hard to build and maintain the trust of our investors.


People are the point at TCI. We do this to help as many people build wealth and freedom for their families as possible. We work hand in hand with our investors to ensure their success and make sure they reach their goals.


Mike Fritz, Co-Founder and CEO


Mike is a national collegiate leadership speaker and the author of 5 collegiate best-selling books. He has spoke to over 250,000 students and faculty giving them tools and strategies to take their leadership to the next level.

Mike started investing in real estate 21 years ago when he built his first multi family property. Since then he and his wife, LeAnn have built a $30 million portfolio under management. Mike has an unmatched passion for real estate because it provides him and LeAnn with the amazing opportunity to create generational wealth, great opportunity for their investors and give families more time together. Mike believes passive income through multi family real estate investing provides the most powerful thing in the world – time and freedom.

Mike’s greatest passion is people. As a serial Entrepenuer for most of his life he has sought to center his business around the amount of value he could add to his clients and partners. That is the energy and passion that started and tuns TCI.

Dr. LeAnn Fritz, PhD – Co-Founder and COO


Dr. LeAnn Fritz, PhD is a leading authority in the field of holistic health and whole food nutrition. She currently has a practice in southwest Michigan where she sees clients from all over the nation. She has helped men and woman, infant through elderly with skin issues, weight loss concerns, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular challenges, digestive trouble and so much more. She sees clients one week each month. The rest of the month, she is supporting clients remotely, writing, speaking, traveling and of course, running TCI, with the love of her life.

LeAnn co-founded TCI with her husband Mike to help others achieve financial freedom and live life on their terms. As the COO of TCI LeAnn has the privilege of working hand in hand with investors, lenders, property managers etc in order to help build a team of people that is positioned to build real estate wealth! LeAnn got her first taste of financial freedom when she was 37 when her and Mike reached that “financially free” status – meaning their real estate covered their entire living expenses and then some.

Her greatest passion is helping people and giving them the freedom to fulfill the calling on their life and build a life they don’t need a vacation from.



Vinney Chopra has done 27 syndications and put into use some very proven creative ideas and skills he learned over the last 15 years. He is able to raise $7,000,000 to $15,000,000 now for his offerings in just couple of days. He is a systems guru; and he has designed Systems of Acquisition, Syndication and Management of Multifamily Investing. The beauty of his success is that 100% of the committed investors bring in the money at the closing of the multifamily properties. He runs 100% SEC Compliant and total transparent businesses throughout his companies.

Vinney is a Mechanical Engineer and also holds M.B.A. (Marketing) degree from The George Washington University, Washington D.C. His first job was selling Bibles and Educational books upon entering USA with $7. He lives in the San Francisco area with wife and two children.